Protect your data, your users: your business

Your data, your identity, your activity, your network and your private messages are what they value most

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One bug for every thousand lines of code

Every bug is a potential security issue that can be exploited to break into your systems.

At Prime Type we thrive at solving this problem. We have implemented mission critical software that is both more robust and more secure. And we can do it with you too. Prime Type is a small consultancy based in Cambridge (UK) and with at heart to develop secure and robust solutions.

At Prime Type we know that our customers have already implemented some common sense processes. But in 100% of the cases, it is in the details that we found the critical security issues. And this is where we can help you.


About Us


Privacy and Security are our primes requisites. We will work with you on defining the required levels.


While pay twice for the same feature? Our solutions are optimized for easy integration and reusability.


It is a tough world out there, we write our software to maintain stability even during heavy demand.

We incorporated in 2017 and started contracting for different businesses to implement cryptographic protocols to integrate within their products.

We have implemented our first project: sharesafe It is a very simple command line interface to encrypt messages using one of the most powerful cryptographic scheme: PVSS.

We now contract from local to global companies such as IOHK , the company designing and implementing the cardano blockchain.